Sunday, February 24, 2013

Life is funny, it makes me laugh

We had the most fun trip a couple weekends ago!  Whitney, Jesse, Jeanice, and I stayed with Jeanice's sister in Salt Lake City.  All week long we were waiting for it to be Friday so we could finally leave.  When 4:40 came Friday afternoon, we were out the door on the way to the bus stop.  We caught the bus to the front runner (the train that runs between Provo and SLC) and hopped on the top level of the car.  It's great!  One way trip is like 8 bucks total, and it's a fun way to travel.  It is always a littler nerve racking though because we are never completely sure which stop to get off at, but we figure it out.  (I attribute that to Whitney's navigation and map skills)

When we first got there, we went straight to City Creek Mall to start our sister-missionary-shopping-escapade!  We started at the loft, and made our way around.  Of course we had to take a break at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get a chocolate covered pretzel stick (a necessity!) and the continued on our way.  I found a basic, black skirt at Macy's that is perfect for riding a bike and everything.  Jeanice found some cute sweaters (surprise surprise!)  We finished the night at Blue Lemon for dinner with some yummy salads, then went to Jeanice's sister, Meredith's, house to sleep.  She was so good to us!  We talked for a while (her house is so cute) and in the morning, she bought us doughnuts, yogurt, and bananas.  After breakfast we started at Trader Joes.  I have never been there before but its great!  I bought lentils, steel cut oats, and this amazing thing called cookie butter (its like a yummier version of PB!), and other yummy stuff.  Then we went back to the mall, found some more skirts, and finished with lunch at a shushi restuarant.  Apparently it's ranked best sushi in Utah, and it was way good.  I haven't had a ton of sushi before, okay like none, but man it was delcious!  After we ate that, we decided we just had to have some cheesecake from the Cheesecake factor (calories did not apply to this trip-obviously) and then Meredith drove us back to Provo.  It was so much fun!  A huge highlight of my college life.

Valentine's Day was also a lot of fun.  I LOVE VALENTINES DAY!!! EVERYBODY IS MY VALENTINE.  All that negative attitude that it's singles awareness day is so sad.  Really its an opportunity to be happy, love everybody, and eat lots of chocolate and sugar cookies! And thats exactly what I did.  In our family we have a tradition of making heart-shaped sugar cookies.

I couldn't break tradition, so I went all out, and took them to some of the people that I am so thankful for!  For Valentine Activity some of my roommates and I went to a Sleeping Beauty Ballet put on by BYU.  It was really good.  I couldn't watch a ton of ballets, but every now and then I really enjoy them.  I guess it helps that I went to many a dance recitals for Devyn, my best friend, and that really helped me to appreciate dance.  I wish I could dance!

My Mom and best friend Devyn also sent me Valentine's Packages!  I was so excited!

The day after V-day, Jeanice and I both had dates.  My mom sent me awesome socks in the package, so of course we had to wear them!

That Saturday we went to the Basketball game, where they retired two Jerseys.  It was so sweet to see these two, older, and very tall men dance around the court and share their memories.

Monday was no school, so Jesse, Jeanice, Leah, and I walked up to the Y.... hahaha (ask Leah why I am laughing).  Then afterwards we bought ice cream, and proceeded to stuff ourself with left over Valentine's chocolate.  Because of that Jeanice an I are now on a chocolate fast, which we have been doing an excellent job of!  Go us!

This past week my friend Connor and I were busy getting ready for the BYUSA even that we were in charge of.  We had a nerf gun war as a bonding and team building experience for some of the office members.  We used dividers and inflatables and boxes to set up a course in a big room-it turned out pretty cool!  The pictures online and here are examples of how hard it is to blow up a 5' cactus or palm tree-my cheeks hurt sooo bad.

Yesterday we had cleaning checks.  Before we cleaned though, we had some people come by who were playing Bigger or Better.  We traded them for a vinyl record.  This is what happens when you get curious what a smashed record looks like, and you throw it on the ground:
As I was standing on the table, Jesse asked:"Do you think it will hurt the floor?"  "I don't know " I said "What do you think"
She finished with: "I think you should do it"

Jeanice also made her southern Chicken Pot Pie yesterday--soooooo good!  We had some friends over and all enjoyed its goodness.  We also went to Living Legends, which is a performance of Native American, Latin American, and Polynesian dances.  It was awesome!  I love the hoop dances, they are my favorite.

Classes are good, although I really need to get better at Spanish, considering I will be serving a Spanish speaking mission in Alabama.
Here is a picture of my official acceptance letter to the First Presidency, accepting my call to serve in Alabama.  I think about it all the's a little distracting.  I am very excited, and am working hard to prepare to be a good missionary.

That being said, I am certainly taking advantage of every awesome opportunity here at BYU.  I love this college, and am so grateful to be here.

That about sums it up
Until next time! Thanks for reading.

Friday, February 1, 2013

My Call to Serve...

2/1 2013
5:53 PM
   I thought I would do something a little different.  Since I was planning on doing a post about my mission call to help share with my loved ones an friends why I am going, I thought it might be cool to write part before I open my call, and after.  Here it goes.
  I believe it was Junior Year of High school, we were sent some wonderful sister missionaries in our Wenatchee area.  Natalie told me that she had gone out with them a couple times, and what a great experience it was.  I decided I wanted to get in on it, and called them.  While I was out at discussions or doing church tours with them, I felt prompted that this was something I should do.
  Now fast forward to the begging of this year.  I started my BYU experience at a camp called Foundations of Leadership.  It was a great way to jump in.  At the camp I met lots of great people, and learned a lot about what I could and wanted to get out of my college experience.  More importantly though, I kept wondering what in the world I was supposed to be doing.  I know a general direction of what I want to major in, but not specifics.  What classes am I supposed to take?  What clubs should I be involved in?  Where should I work?  Should I study abroad?  How many credits?  The questions seem endless.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find a magic crystal ball that will tell me all the answers to life.  Fortunately however, I know I have a loving Heavenly Father who knows exactly what he has planned for me, so I prayed to him.  I prayed to know his will for me.  I felt comforted, but I didn't get the answer I was looking for.  So I kept praying, almost every night.  I felt like there was something I needed to be doing, I just couldn't pin point what it was.  The week before general conference, I fasted and prayed that I would find my answer, whatever it was, from those words that would be said.  I wanted to be open and ready for the answer.
Ha.  I couldn't have missed that answer if I tried!
The first thing they announced that conference was the change in the age of Missionaries.  Boys could now go at 18 instead of 19, and girls could go at 19 instead of 21....that was my answer!  I thought I would have to wait another three years!  I was shocked, and I think I scared my roommates because I started to cry right then.
Before making any final decisions, my parents strongly encouraged that I pray and really think about the big commitment of a mission.   I did exactly that, and I felt an assuring peace in my heart that it was the right thing for me to do.
Since then, I have been going to school and loving every bit of that of course, but also preparing for this big event in my life.
Tonight, in approximately 2 and a half hours, I get to find out where I will be serving and when.  I've had a lot of people ask me if I am excited or anxious.  Truth be told, I am.  For different reasons though.  The exciting part isn't that I could go to some exotic land, or Pocathello Idaho (I really don't like Idaho).  I already know the exciting part-that I will get to serve The Lord completely for 18 months of my life.   I love this gospel, and I know that it is true.  I know I am daughter of a Heavenly Father loves me, and the wonderful thing is that on my mission I can share the love that Heavenly Father has for those that I serve and teach.  It won't be easy, it will probably be one of the hardest things I ever do.  It will also be one of the most worth while things I do.  I know that I will grow and learn so much that will help me to become more of the person that I want to be, and that my Heavenly Father wants me to be.  So where ever I go,  I know that my call is inspired by God through his prophets on this earth, and I know that where ever I go, is where I am supposed to be.

My Mom, Dad, Derek, Landon, my best friend Devyn skyped while Grandpa waited on the phone, my roommates, Natalie  and Aunt Diana, Uncle Dennis, an cousin Matthew were in the room as I read:

"Dear Sister McClune:

You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  You are assigned to labor in the Alabama Birmingham Mission.  It is anticipated that you will serve a period of 18 months.

You should report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, June 12, 2013.  You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language..."


I'm going to have one funky accent.
I am so excited though to serve the people of Alabama.  I know that this is where I am needed, and where I need to be.

Love you all.  Thank you for all your love and support.  I am so blessed.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Whoops...It's been a while

Natalie and my Mom keep reminding me that I needed to update my blog.  Needless to say, college is really busy.  I would have written earlier but I like to have pictures on my blog, and I kept not taking pictures...anyhow I figured I should just cut to the chase and do it.

Soo I had an absolutely wonderful Christmas.  I am so, so, so blessed to have my family.  Honestly, I can't put it into words.  Even though I got my wisdom teeth  out on the 19th, it was great!  Landon took me on a date ice skating, that he paid for.  He worked really hard to save money, and acted like a true gentleman.  Best Date ever!

I sure do love this guy.  How'd I get so lucky.

Dad and I had a lot of fun, we went snowboarding and snowshoeing and just hung out lots.  Mom and I baked a lot and had lots of girl time.  It's amazing how much I miss them.  I love college, don't get me wrong.  Sometimes though it would be nice to still come home and be with your family. Nothing replaces family.   
For Christmas, My mom gave me the most awesome present!!! I have a collection of t-shirts that I hate to get rid of because they all have special, fun memories.  My  mom took the shirts, and made them into a quilt!!! I love it, and sleep with it every night!  It's a little piece of home here in the dorm sweet dorm.
My roomies and I all snuggled up in our blankets-I love mine!

Over break I also hung out lots with my dear friend, Devyn.  I sure do wish she was at BYU with me too.  Here is a picture of Natalie, Devyn and I after going to see the 4th Twilight movies (yes, I know the Hobbit is in the background).  These two are my wonderful, best friends.  I'll say it again... I am so blessed!  

I also went snowshoeing with my other close friends I missed tons, Keisha and Niki.  We had a great time catching up and talking!

Okay, so back at college.  I really love my schedule this semester!  I am taking 16.5 credits, in comparison to my 14 from last semester.  
Here's my schedule:
5:00-Temple with Natalie, Kameron, and Elena (we miss Kennie, who will be serving his mission in Mexico soon!)
then I have a break to do homework, get ready...
10:00-Honors Writing and Rhetoric.  It's a great class, I really enjoy my professor.  We just finished reading Frankenstein (second time I've read it).  It's nice because the class is smaller, so we have a lot of discussion about persuasion and literary principles. 
11:00- break for lunch and homework
12:00-Physical Science.  I don't like science, and I really don't like physics, but I sit next to awesome people, and my professor is hilarious.
1:00-Spanish.  I love spanish, and really would like to learn it better.
then I work out, and study in the library, go to BYUSA if I need too, and get home around 5.  Finish the night with FHE!

Speaking of is a really great part of my experience at BYU.  In a way it's the student government...but different. Here is a picture from a luncheon we had a few weeks ago. 
I serve in the Administration area as a program director.  Nothing big, and a small part, but It's fun and I really like being involved!  Plus I get to hang out and work with awesome people:

Anyhow, back to my week.  
Wake up at 4, go to work at 5. 
12-Book of Mormon Part 2 class with Natalie.  We were asked to ready the Book of Mormon in 2 weeks...and it has honestly been one of my favorite homework assignments ever.  It's such an important part of my life.
1- Spanish.
then finish out the day with studying anda all that jazz.
Wed-like Monday except I wake up at 6 and work out.  
Thursday- I don't have class until noon!  At least until second block when I will have another class (Adolescent Development).
then, it's the same as Tuesday.
Friday-Work, the class like Monday and Wednesday

At next block, I will have another class tuesday and thursdays from 8 to 10-Adolescent Development.  I am really excited to take it, since its actually part of my major!

The above picture was taken after a Friday-night snowball fight.  We were soaked!!!! Whitney and I got whitewashed a couple times, but I did my fair share of whitewashing as well, so it was well deserved!  
Tonight, I went with a friend to make sushi!   It was way fun, and delicious!  

Here is a picture of two of my FHE brothers, right after getting their mission call.  They will be going to Netherlands and Belgium.  Natalie also received her call!! I am so excited for them!  Mine should be arriving this week...   
I am so excited to serve a mission.  My parent's guess is that I will be going to New York.  Landon thinks I am going to Africa.  I've learned not to misjudge my  Mom's intuition, so I really wouldn't be surprised if I went there.   Honestly, to me, it doesn't matter where I go.  I will work hard and serve anywhere I am needed.  Even if that is Pocatello Idaho (I really don't care for that place, or Idaho in general.  I have an aunt and uncle there who I love dearly, but the place itself.....nah).  I know that wherever I am sent is where I am needed.  I am excited to find out!

Now that I am all caught up, I will be  posting much more regularly.  Stayed tuned-especially about my mission call!  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Surprise Birthday Parties to to Shoving spoons of hot sauce

Count Down....
    I will flying home Tuesday!!! I am beyond excited to see my family, I can hardly stand it.  Landon called me this week to tell me that he had saved up 12 of 14 dollars to take us ice skating-We have a tradition of going out ice skating on a date!  A couple months ago he told me that at our next date though he was going to pay, and he has worked to stay true to his word.  I can't wait to see the rest of my family too.... Oh goodness I am so excited!!!  Luckily, two of my classes got canceled on Monday so I am just kind of coasting out until I leave-yay!!!!

Anyhow, Friday was my lovely room mate Jesse's birthday!!!! She will be serving in Brazil for her mission in April.  I have amazing room mates.  Jesse is one of the kindest people I know.  She is so genuine and giving-she will make you feel so loved and will bake you cookies randomly just to brighten your day.
The other 5 of us decided she need a big spotlight on how awesome she is, so we planned all week for her surprise Party:

Janai took her out to dinner at 5:30, and as soon as she left we cleaned up the kitchen and set to decorating.  Then Jeanice went with her to a latin festival and she was due back at 8.
Decorations!  Although these did not last long...

I started making Sour Cream Apple Pie (her favorite!).  I have never made it before, so I was really worried.  Whitney also made chocolate-peanut butter no bakes (she had never had them until I made them a few weeks ago-now I got her hooked!).  One of our friends Cody brought, Guarana (A soda that Portuguese and Brazilians love!), and we had chips salsa, and our friends Natalie, Courtney, and Laura brought cupcakes.  Our Fhe bros brought ice cream to go with the pie.  Basically we were loaded.
Waiting Before....

It was also our friend Jacob's brithday, so we celebrated his too! Happy Birthday Jacob!

Us waiting in anticipation for Jesse

8:00 came around...No Jesse.......8:30.....No Jesse...... and then finally! at 9:00 she came home, and we sprang!


Madi, Capri, Ally, and Kenzi! 

Jared, Jeanice, Cody, and Natalie (Jared was sitting, so we had to take this side ways) 
Natalie and the Birthday Girl!

My piece of pie-I was actually happy with how it turned out!  And no one died from eating it and everyone seemed pretty happy with it-What a relief!

Jesse and Jacob's lovely birthday banner that Leah made!

Welll...After some of the people left there was just a group of us, and somehow or another Whitney challenged me to a hot sauce competition.  Please realize that I have the wimpiest tongue on the planet, and Whitney eats hot sauce almost everyday.  This was the stupidest thing I cold have possibly done.....
This stuff, the Rooster Hot Sauce, it HOT! You should always use it sparingly and with other foods to tone it down-it will still burn you.  We,  however, decided to have 7 spoonfulls, and then see who would be the first to reach for milk.  
Whitney kicked my  butt
I ashamedly reached for the milk.  
We are pretty sure we have chemical burns on our tongues.

Then, after cookies, pie, and hot sauce, we woke up the next morning (5 hours later) to do a 5k!  It was with the Womens Services and Resource Center Club, against abuse.  It  was really fun!
I have no idea what my actual time was, but oh well!
Saturday (last) night we also had our ward thanksgiving party, and played night games.  Then we went over to some friend's dorm to watch spider man.  I decided last night not to set an alarm and just see what time my body woke up naturally, because I kept staying up for a full 22 hours for work, and I haven't really had a chance to catch up on sleep all week long.......
I woke up at 10:48 this morning.....yikes!
I feel good now though!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, I sure do love ya!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunshine to Snow-but just as wonderful!

I am so stinkin blessed to be here at BYU, I love it so much.  My mid term this past week went well, studies are good, work was good, church was good, and all the fun with friends was a hoot!
The weather was crazy though, and changed like night and day!  Wednesday I was walking around campus in a t-shirt.  The sun was out, and there were beautiful leaves all around.  I took a picture of how pretty and golden they are:

People probably thought I was weird, because a couple times I just had this urge I couldn't resist to kick the leaves.  Its a bit strange, but I actually miss yard work.  Raking the leaves is always fun, and relaxing.  I get that from my Dad--mowing the lawn is his favorite.
This picture is of a fiddle group that was playing on campus.  They were really good!  (You can see how sunny it  was).  They started playing while I was on the phone with my friend Marcus.  He is leaving for his mission on Wednesday for Tahiti-I am so excited for him!

 Anyhow, by Friday, I was incredibly grateful for my big boots (thanks Mom

and Dad!) and my big snowboarding shell-it was cold!  This is the view I woke up to Saturday Morning outside my window to give you an idea:
 The mountains are so beautiful!  The 'Y' is hiding underneath that big blanket of snow-can you find it?

Well Friday night, we went to the opening BYU basketball game of the season-yay! It was a lot of fun, and we won!  
As you can see from the picture, we didn't have the ultimate spot.  Apparently we need to get there a lot earlier, or the nose-bleeds it is.
After the game, we all came back to our dorm for a Nacho Libre Party, with Nachos included.  It was a hoot!  At one point I am pretty sure we had about 25 people stuffed in our little living area.  After the movie, we played winkem, Peter-James-and-John, and Grunt Piggy Grunt.  There were defiantly some good laughs.  Around 12 when dorm curfew hit, we went outside for an ultimate snowball fight.  The snow was perfect!  Not too wet, and made great snowballs.  We were out there for over an hour, and I was soaked by the time we were done though, thanks to some white washing.  At one point one of the RAs was there, and he kept throwing snow at us, so we all grabbed snowballs and charged at him-I don't know that I have ever seen someone run that fast in PJs, it was impressive!

Saturday morning (5 and a half hours after the fight), I got so excited to see more snow that I just had to go on a walk.  I walk everywhere around campus, but I love it.  My favorite place to walk of course is to the temple.  Isn't it beautiful?  Look at all that White :)


The rest of Saturday was filled with some productive studying and a group project.  Then at 5 Natalie and I walked over to her sister-Heather's place for a Wenatchee Waffle dinner.  It was fun to see people, and you can never go wrong with Chocolate Chip waffles.  Brandon Edmundson came though, and I haven't seen him since he moved away sophmore year! He is running for UVU, which is just like 15 min away from BYU.  Natalie and set out to find him a football tickets so we could all go to the game.  For the last game, we had the best seats of all season!  We sat 4th row up in the in-zone  right in front of the band.  We only stayed until half because it was so cold, but when we left we were ahead 42-7.  It was a good way to bring to close the football season.

The view from our seats!
Natalie, Brandon, and I!  Haven't seen him since he moved away sophomore year!

Natalie, Brandon, Me, Lee, Jeanice, and Shanna-bravin' the cold!

After the game, we all went back to watch Forest Gump and drink coco.  It was a wonderful close to a great week.  And now I only have one more week, then it's Thanksgiving week!  I am so excited to see my family!    

Hope everyone has a great Veterans day.  I am so thankful for all those who have fought for our country.  I agree with the advice to pray for the leaders of our country, not matter your political beliefs.
Natalie and I started our morning with two of our friends from our ward, Kenny and Elena, walking to the temple at 4:50.  Usually we drive, but Kam, who has the car, was feeling sick.  It was worth it though, and a great start to my week :)

Well, that's all.  Kind of a jumbled post, sorry! Hello from BYU though, sending hugs your way!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween, Tests, Zombies, Majors, and Birthdays!

Our Sunday Night Pre- Halloween Party!  We made a bunh of yummy cookies...then proceeded to eat all the yummy cookies.  SO much fun!

This was certainly a scary week-jammed packed and busy.  (I think I say it's busy every time though, so disregard)

 this was Whitney and I as zombies at the Stake Halloween party

I had two midterms this week-Bio and Book of Mormon.  That in and of it self make a spooky week.  I think I did okay on them though, so that's good.  Each time I go to the testing center I mean to take a picture, but when I get there I am strictly focused on my test, and when I am done I am strictly focused on getting away as soon as possible.  I do love BYU's testing system though.  Instead of doing it in class, students are given a certain amount of days where they can go to the testing center and take the test on their own time.  It makes it way easier to schedule and prepare, and I also think the environment is a lot less stressful and better for tests than it would be in class.

Natalie and I went to the Basketball Jamboree-can't wait for the actual games! We won the scrimmage 100 to like 50!

Wednesday we had a little Halloween Party with our FHE group.  I made pumpkin cookies and baked apple pumpkin bread (with my last two apples from Wenatchee that Mom sent me!  She sent me a whole box, and I was eating apples all the time-so good!), and one of my FHE brothers, Michael, made chicken casserole thingy that was delicious.  Originally we were going to watch a classic Alfred Hitchock, but then somebody (Whitney) made the suggestion to watch Insidious.  I, being a stupid and not wanting to be chicken, agreed to watch it.  Worst. Idea. Ever.  At first I was on the floor, squeezing by FHE bro Brad's leg.  Jeanice was on the couch squeezing the stuffing out of my pillow pet-Nutty.  Eventually, I moved to the couch, and I think I broke my FHE bro James' Hand-poor guy! I never want to watch a scary movie again.  Jeanice and I were so terrified we wouldn't leave eachother alone the rest of the night.  I talked to her while she was in the shower so she wouldn't get scared-we are great room mates :)

(This is the three of us after the movie.  Jeanice and I aren't purposefully making this face)

Thursday I went on  date!  It was completely blind, but he was great and it was a lot of fun.  It's a really funny story though, and it was a very eventful night.  It ended with a parking boot on the car, lovely right?

Saturday was the Zombie Run 5k!  We were actually chased by people dressed up in gory goo that looked like legit, disgusting zombie crap.    It was my roommates Jeanice, Jesse, and Whitney, Jesse's Mom, Natalie, our FHE brother John, and two of our guy friends Cody and Dillon.  I ran with Natalie and John.  The Zombies "killed" you by grabbing a flag that was attached to your hip by your back.  Natalie and I set it up so that all we needed to do was turn and then the Zombie's wouldn't be able to reach our flags.  I had so much adrenaline.  We started 5 minutes ahead of the zombies, but some of them still caught up even though we were booking it.  We ran a 23 minutes and 40 sec time.  With our stopping and dodging people, it was a pretty decent time.  Natalie and I were reminded that even though we can run a marathon, we are not very good at running fast...
I won a t-shirt though!  The other shirts were covered in red blobs of "blood" and said infected.  The came, we ran, I survived!
This is the shirt we won!  Will post other pictures of our group soon!

I had to take a break from blogging to have a dorm dance party-it was pretty epic.  Taylor Swift, Beibs, and One Direction make excellent dance parties, and spatulas make excellent microphones.

This week I only have one mid term-American Heritage.  I signed up for all the classes I want next semester:
      Social Dance (Yay!)
      Writing 150
       Physical Science
      Book of Mormon
     New Testament
      Spanish 105
      Adolescent Development

Currently my major is declared as teaching Social Science--but I need to change it.  Unfortunately, social studies and history teaching is not very hirable or competitive.  Math and Science are, but after taking Bio this semester, and Calc last year, I really don't want to teach that (and that's an understatement!).  English is also not very hirable because there are so many people.
My end goal is to work with students in Leadership.  I want to be at schools to help make a difference in students lives that so many teachers made for me.  I want to help show students their potential.  I feel like one of the best ways to do that is in the classroom.  I was considering getting experience in the classroom, and then changing to Administration.  I still am keeping that as an option, but the best way to go about that seems to be to get a degree or minor in business.  The more I think about it though the more I'd like to get my minor in psychology, or something that would help me to better work with my students if that makes sense, rather than be an administrator.  The only reason I would want to be an administrator is to better help students, but I am not sure thats the best way to go about it.  Ok, can you tell I am not really sure about much?
So as of right now I am considering switching to Spanish Teaching.  I think I could really enjoy teaching Spanish, and then I would be in the classroom.  I would love some feedback and thoughts on what others thought (especially teachers and friends from home that I miss so much!)

And a special shout out to my Mom.  I skyped with her this morning.  I can't count the many times I have thought in my head since being here: "well, she's right-again".  I could never put in a post or words how grateful I am for my Mom. Through all the ups and downs, she remains a wonderful example to me.  Right now she is going back to school, and I am so proud of her.  Work, keeping up with the boys, church, school, and everything else keeps her so busy.  I pray for her often because I know its tough, but I also know that she can do it.  She is a wonderful example of strength and charity for me.  I am so grateful for my mom, and one of my best friends.  Sure do love ya Mom.

Well, that's all folks!  I love reading everyone's elses blogs and facebook posts.  I am so blessed to have so many friends and family members!